Affiliate Commission


(a) Eligibility: Except in jurisdictions in which payment of Commissions is not permitted, and/or where we have not accepted your Application to be an Affiliate, and/or where you have violated these Affiliate Terms, you will be eligible to earn Commissions as set forth in this Section 4.

(b) How Commissions Are Earned: A Commission is earned when a third party (not you or AC Book Lots or any of our respective owners, directors, agents, or employees) does all of the following: (i) The party clicks on a Referral Link, (ii) Once at the AC Book Lots web page to which that Referral Link points, the party purchases productlot(s), and (iii) The party pays the applicable purchase price fees. The party that completes these three steps (i)-(iii) herein shall be referred to herein as a “Referred Party”.

(c) Commissions Are Not Earned When Any or All of the Following Is the Case: The referring party is not an Affiliate, the Affiliate has violated any provision of these Affiliate Terms, one or more of the steps set forth in 4(b)(i)-(iii) is not present or met, or the party signs up for a Purchaser within sixty (60) days after initially clicking on the Referral Link.

(d) Amount of Commissions: Where a Commission is due to the Affiliate hereunder, the Affiliate shall receive seven (7%) of all purchases received by AC Book Lots from the Referred Party

(f) Payment of Commissions: Commissions earned will be calculated on a monthly basis, and will in any case be paid to the Affiliate within sixty (60) days of AC Book Lots’s receipt of payment from the purchaser. At or before the time such payment is made, AC Book Lots will make information available to the Affiliate (in the Affiliate’s account) showing the total amount of Purchaser fees received from each Referred Party during the month at issue and the Commissions earned. AC Book Lots reserves the right to pay after the 60 days in the event of a disagreement with the Affiliate or other confusion over the amount of the Commission. All payments will be made by electronic transfer. Affiliate agrees to keep updated the information and means by which it has informed AC Book Lots it wishes to be paid through an electronic transfer, and further agrees that any failure to do so may result in a delay or inability on the part of AC Book Lots to transmit payments to Affiliate. The only payment method that AC Book Lots can make a commission payment is PayPal.

(g) Other Things That Impact Commissions: You agree that (i) we will not pay you a Commission where the Referred Party signs up for the Purchaser using a false or fraudulent means of payment, such as but not limited to using a stolen credit card, and (ii) where the Referred Party signs up for the Purchaser but later receives a refund pursuant to AC Book Lots policy. In each of these cases (i) and (ii), you will not receive a Commission at all, or if you have already received a Commission by the time AC Book Lots learns that the party is done one of the things mentioned in (i) or (ii), we will deduct the amount of the Commission we paid you applicable to that payment from any future payments to you as an Affiliate.

(h) Effect of Legal Prohibitions: If we determine that payment of a Commission is not permitted under any applicable laws, or the Referred Party violated any law in signing up for a Purchaser, of your violation of these Terms or applicable law resulted in the Referred Party signing up for a Purchaser, we reserve the right to not pay the Commission.

(i) Taxes and Third-Party Fees: Affiliates are solely responsible for any and all government- imposed taxes and levies, and any and all fees charged by the Affiliate’s bank or other financial institution, in connection with or because of the Affiliate’s receipt of Commission payments.

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